Like Three Sides of a Coin

In real life, I'm shy at first with people I don't know to the point where I can't stand to go to the shops, yet I am fine when walking through a crowd. In school I was so quite that as my results got worse, the teachers noticed abit, but the noisey people shifted their focus. Online, I'm like a different person. Confident, outgoing, the complete opposite. Also, my interests are so different too. It is either technology offline, with a bit online, but dark and gothic online.
MentalMorph MentalMorph
22-25, M
2 Responses Feb 25, 2007

I can be quiet. I am not shy. People like to label what they don't understand and not always correctly. I try and control my tendency to say everything that I am thinking because I believe that words have too much power. It is funny the more talkative I am to men the less chance there is that I would ever think of them romantically and sometimes I think they think the opposite is true.

I am like you with the shy in person but completely fine online thing. And the shy in small groups but fine in a crowd. Probably because there is more focus on you in a small group then a big one. I am completely fine around my family but around others I am quiet and shy. If I get to know them it takes most of the shyness away but not all of it.