Partner To Dance With In Life

Well I was starting my new job as a lighting assistant for a great Blues band I love. It was my first night and I was a little nervous. We were at a great little dive bar and I saw him walk in the door and look around, but our eyes did not meet. Later in the night I was working the lights and this great dancing song started and he came up to me to ask if I could dance so I did. He was a terrific dancer and I struggled to keep up with him but grateful for the chance to dance. After a while he came up and asked again so I danced again. He then came over to talk with me but I was a little shy. Later when he was on his way out he came over and we talked a bit and I gave him a kiss on his cheek and he then decided to take a chance and left me his card and I wrote my info on the back and he wrote his down.We had agreed on getting together sometime for coffee.
Later the next day as we spoke on the phone we realized that neither of us liked coffee so we met up at a local brewery/restaurant and had vanilla porter together instead. We talked for hours and the time flew by. That was when I realized he was a keeper and there were many more dances to follow. He's the one who taught me that a dance is a conversation. Ours hasn't ended yet, it just continues to grow.
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Thanks, I really do love him and hope there are more dances in our future, unfortunately we're having some turbulants. I hope we make it throught it, I sure enjoy dancing with him.

good for you,at least you have someone to share your joys