Someone To Be Myself With

We're all about each other. Everything he does excites me, makes me smile and laugh or brings the warm fuzzy feeling about me. He wants to be my best friend, my anchor, my lover, my forever--and in my eyes, he is. We're as comfortable as we could be, I tell him everything and I can't imagine My life without him. I've always wished for someone I could be my total self around, someone I didn't have to hide anything from or constantly worry about being "too weird". He thinks I'm funny, he likes it when I think out of the box and actually listens as I excitedly rave about books and stars and anything I could think of. He cares for me so much, and I love him without question. I am without a doubt infatuated with the most wonderful man in the world.
sinatraswooner sinatraswooner
May 13, 2012