Yes, I Definitely Am. ...

Yes, I definitely am. My friend just asked me: "There was a time when you told me every day that you hated him and that he was tearing your to heart to pieces every day and now you can't stay away from him". I basically know that he's not right for me. He is beautiful, yes, definitely and he's a nice person, but in the first place I don't know much about him and so I shouldn't love him that much and what is even more important: Almost everything that I know about him is bad and usually wouldn't let you love someone as much as I do. I'm running into a huge disappointment with my arms wide open...
GothGrrrl GothGrrrl
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1 Response Apr 16, 2007

awee noo.. not another one... im doing that too.. right now.. <br />
there is this guy, who.. i know is completely not right for me.. <br />
there is little i can say i do like about him, and a lot i know is wrong.. <br />
but.. my heart flutters for him.. just because i like the idea of it. but it's not that i couldn't have another guy.. becuase i could.. he is just soo.. accessible.. and is after me.. rather than the other way around and it's so easy.... but stupid?<br />
<br />
lol like i know im kidding myself.. but i wont stop.. why?