My Heart Or My Head

hey I'm 17 and I have a, I guess you can call it a crush on this girl I know. we both went to a boarding school that separates girls and boys. we have met once or twice and I've been told that she may like me. then a couple of days ago I went to my friends house for thanksgiving I didn't know that his family was planning a trip to her home town. when we got there we sorta hung out and talked while hiding from my friends parents. when she told me she wasn't coming back to the boarding school we go to. which in turn means I cant see her anymore during most of the year. But she also asked when the next time I could go to my friends house was so we could meet up again. now I'm not sure what to do I want to see her so badly, but I've heard that long distance relationships don't ever work out, and I hate the feeling of dread I have in my heart that I might not ever see her again please advice anyone?
lizere lizere
18-21, M
Nov 27, 2012