Get Out Of My Head Robby

I see you there and I just go crazy, i swear and make a fool of myself. I hate seeing you anywhere its exhausting to constantly being aware of places I go. Your everything I like in a guy, but why you! You ****** up my life by confessing and asking me to be your girlfriend. To make things worst I just had to go to school with you for a 1 1/2 years, but why oh why do you have to be intelligent and gorgeous, tall, athletic, ahhh why you. I hate you I hate you!!! But no you just have to be in every advance class and then top it off date other girls that I'm friends with. Yeah it may sound crazy but **** you know how awkward it is for them to start talking about you.... you know stay away... You even talk to my friends more like making them your friends. If you got something to say spill it.. I'm tired of running into your friend to, they act different or for some of them to make those mumbles when one of them ask me out. they know I hate you. For me to even talk to people that I'd like to know I have to wait till you leave a room. Even that one time I was forced to call you out you just had to have that look on your face. That look of surprised and shock that I called you by your name several times. Yeah that may have been the only time I even said anything to you but still why does it have to be you. ahhh that look and even from that day forward it has been the same like that time I ran into you at this gas station... there was that look again. **** now I'm thinking of you when you were in football then there was that time you were smarter than me... Grrrr Robby. You just made my life awkward since 5th grade. I hope your suffering as much as I am. I know for a fact you don't act this way with your other ex's maybe its because I'm the first girl that you liked and asked out. Or maybe its because I left without telling you I might never see you but **** I want this to stop. **** I don't even want to thinking that I might love you, i don't know I don't know.
MonoKuRoBoo MonoKuRoBoo
26-30, F
Jan 12, 2013