It's New To Me.

It's a new experience for me. I mean, I've liked guys before, but it's never been a normal, typical situation. Not until now have I ever related to normal people and their tales of infatuation.

He's 25 and I'm 23. He's so funny, I can't even handle it at times. I get overwhelmed and begin shaking and I have to step away just to compose myself again., which is not always an option, since we work together. Sometimes, I'm just trapped there like a jittering freak, but he doesn't seem to mind.

I really can't tell if he likes me as well, I'm totally baffled. We talk all the time I guess (not much, but enough to be fun), but I think he talks to me the same way he talks to all his friends, from what I can tell by his Facebook activity. He does seem to respond to my posts more than his other friends, though. (Yes, I tend to spend time scrolling through the ticker looking for his activity, because I'm crazy).
As you can probably guess, I have investigated him a little on Facebook, but there are signs that cause me to believe he looked through my profile too, which I know is not unusual. He casually brings up things like cats and certain bands, which is clear to anyone who's taken the time to look that I'm obsessed with. This one time he brought up something that I know I didn't mention to him and I've only mentioned once on Facebook, several years ago.
That's not a big deal, I just like feeling flattered.

He seems to tell me, whenever he gets the chance, that he doesn't talk to a lot of people at work. Probably only 3 or 4 people. He's one of those who could have hoards of friends, because he's good at approaching and talking, but chooses to only have a few. Anyway, whenever we have a break together, he sits with me while he eats his tuna sandwich and I eat my chocolate doughnuts. Except for one time, his table was too crowded so I sat on the other side of the lounge. But he began texting me from across the room, which was weird but interesting and made my stomach do something weird, I couldn't even handle it. Whenever we see each other, he says hi, addresses me by name, and waves. I wave back and smile.
But today was a little different. (We're both cashiers in a big store) he was at the register right in front of me, but did not say hi to me at all. I would have said hi to him, but he was doing that thing where watch you, then look away when you catch them, making it impossible to wave any or smile. Multiple times, all day long. I don't know why he was doing that, he's not a shy guy. I don't think he's shy at all. He talks about having erections on Facebook, for crying out loud, haha.
He's about half an inch shorter than me, which is not an issue at all. But he said he wishes he was half an inch taller than me. He's so "not-so-ugly" when he grows out his facial hair. He likes to tease me for looking years younger than my actual age, and for getting attention from guys for some reason all the time. He'll come up to me and say "that guy was watching you". His favorite color is green and his shoes are black. I love talking about him. It's fun, for some reason.
I think I'm pretty transparent about my infatuation, but he doesn't seem to be more or less encouraging or discouraging, which confuses me, but I'm okay with it. I'm completely happy with just being his friend. In fact, I'd rather nothing change. In actually kind of nervous that he'll make a move or something and I'm going to have to reject him and I won't have a friend anymore (even though I don't think it's heading that way). I'm just happy right now and I want to stay this way. This is all new to me.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

So the being shy and looking away thing only lasted one day, he's back to saying hi whenever we see each other. I have no idea what that was about, I'm glad it didn't last long.

I have fallen myself for someone who I am not sure likes me back He might, as he seems to like the things I like, and says so and is always kind to me and smiles at me loads BUT we don't text. It's not allowed in our situ.