I Feel Like a Teenager With a Huge Crush!

I don't know how this happened, but I think about this guy I met online all the time.  I've never even met him in person, just emailed.  I did some checking and am fairly certain he is who he says he is.   It still just doesn't make any sense that I can be completely ga-ga!

A long-term relationship with this nice man  any time soon would not work out.  In spite of many things in common, there is too  much logistical interference.   I've got my life and a very important goal for the next 2 years, and important things in his his life would interfere with my goal...but...

I catch myself daydreaming about him all the time, about everything from sex to even about being married and taking care of his kids, and ...oh, jeez-louise, what am I doing??!!   I can't seem to concentrate on anything for very long before I am thinking about him again!   This would seem normal if I was 15, but I'm in my 40's!

Of course, in the spirit of being 15, my crush has no clue of any of this.

I'm trying to get interested in somebody else, but no luck so far. 

What the hell is happening?  Am I crazy?  Did switching to graveyard shift push my mind over the edge?  Will this go away soon?  
Please tell me this happens to other people.
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8 Responses Jan 9, 2007

Sure is a great feeling. Our minds are still alert and yearn for togetherness and company.

I am feelin that too, I am in my late 20s and I have an enormous crush on my lecturer/teacher. He is so handsome and gorgeous, sexy voice, amazing eyes....we are the same age, really, and I feel about 15 again!

I know exactly how you feel. It's crazy, right? LOL.

Try it', and you know the feeling and experience. And later and you may regret, the memory cannot be erase...........

what is that feeling?!<br />
why I haven't felt........<br />
and...what is that feeling?feeling stupid but fun? or sumthing else?

Hey, enjoy the feeling!

Are you kidding !! ...I love having that..goo-goo feeling...If I dont get it I'm hell 2 be around..I love being a gibbering idiot..sweety palms..heart pounding..Id never tell anyone though...ruins the mood...& they always frigg it up somehow... it make's you know your alive..dont complicate things by over thinking..enjoy,enjoy...gotta LOVE that TINGLY FEELING......oh yeah

Ha, I'm 15 (almost 16 actually) and I can definetly sympathize with that...<br />
<br />
The biggest reason why I never want to grow up is because I know that as an adult I won't have experiences like that anymore. I imagine I'll miss it a lot, but hey, what do I know.<br />
<br />