Man Oh Man...

I need advice / help here.

You see, i met that girl 2 years back from now.

We saw each other like twice, nothing ever happened.

She's my best friend's roommate.

And last week, i went to see a show with my best friend,

and she came along.

She was flirting a little with me, but nothing serious at first.

Between the 2 bands, we went for a drink.

And then, hands touched, her arm wrapped my back.

We talked, laughed, had wine..

Back at their appartment, we were having lots of fun,

listening to music and all .

And at a precise moment, she approaches me and kisses me.

And what a kiss.

We couldn't stop.

It lasted untill 4 am. 5 hours of desire, kissing, touching, but we never went further.

After all, i have a girlfriend.

And here we are, one week later.

She haunts me, i just want to see her, but i dont have a clue

if she wants to see me too.

What do you think i should do ??


claudialeone claudialeone
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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Thanks for your comments !<br />
It has been a month or so already, and i almost forgot how and when it happened. It lasted 2 weeks of total infatuation and rememberance of the moment, the kisses, the passion... and then, i saw her a week ago, and i was as if nothing happened. It didn't feel great, but at least, i was released of my dreaming passion (obsession..). I guess you could call it time.

I am in a similar situation. Do you have any way of getting a hold of her, facebook, e-mail, phone etc.? Its clear that she was physically attracted to you, but if you like your girlfriend more do not contact her. If you find that you are unsatisfied with your gf, break up with her and then contact the other girl, I think this would be the honest and straightforward move... But the more strategic and I guess selfish move would be to 1) get a hold of the other girl, and if you you do then get to know her better while you are with your girlfriend. If you find you like the other girl more, then break up with your girlfriend... clearly you would be playing your current gf in this situation though, so own up if she has suspicions.

Stick with your girlfriend and NEVER tell her that it happened.