I'm Surprised There Are So Few Entries!

Don't get me wrong - I enjoy exercising. I own a bicycle, I used to be a Gym Junkie (before a little thing called Major Surgery got in my way) & I'm now getting back into "real" exercise through Pilates & Yoga. I enjoy a swim & have even been known to play a 'lame' little game called "Netball'. [Maybe that's why I don't like team sports, actually... Hmmn.]

I just don't get why people get so into Team Sports - especially when they don't even participate in them in the first place. Call me strange (it has been known to happen...) but anything which encourages mobs of people to clamber around together screaming insults at each other either in inclement weather, or worse; around big-screen TVs leaves me cold. In fact, I find it quite repugnant!

I also hate how "Popular" Sport can tend to encourage that Ultra-Nationalistic sentiment - take for instance what the Olympic Games can do within a country which usually does well at it out of all proportion to its population (I do NOT refer to the US). It can just get plain ugly. 

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I am the same way. Football and NASCAR fans really irritate me. The football fans seem to be reliving some childhood dream of being a star quarterback and the NASCAR fans know absolutely nothing about vehicles.<br />
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I tend to enjoy the atmosphere of sports and I think that's what a lot of "fans" get out of it - just the atmosphere. But for the life of me, I can't imagine memorizing the stats of some dude I've never met that plays on a team, none of it members having any clue I exist. It's strange, bizarre, a little pathetic if you ask me.<br />
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The funny thing is it seems like the bigger the sports fan, the fewer actual hobbies they have. Not an insult, nust an observation.