i have less than no interest in sports,i just cant stand sport,especially on tv,what a waste of is the worse one,i just dont see the attraction.i might sometimes watch a little formula 1 grand prix,but not for long.

clayantony clayantony
41-45, M
4 Responses Sep 5, 2009

i'm sorry to say tennis gives me neck ache,i play tennis on the wii with my niece & nephew sometimes,..of course they thrash me! lol

What about tennis? I can just sit and watch tennis for hours.

I loathe both of those sports football ruins the whole weekend after working hard all week this is what we are subjected to, then it is repeated in the evening.

I am so pleased to see that there are two of us in the world. The gossip and trivia connected to football seems unbelievable. I am surprised that they don't count the deep breaths that each pla<x>yer takes. They are missing an opportunity there for at least another four hours of mindless gossip on the radio. They could even expand it and take bets on the number of estimated breaths each pla<x>yer may take in the next match. There could be a tribunal to decide what constitutes a deep breath and who is faking it. Oh the possibilities are endless, as are the never ending commentaries.