I Never

I never liked sports, sorry guys, I am not a Jock, although, I wouldn't kick one out of my bed(hehehe), i don't have time for sports, I tried to play golf once and all I di was to tear up the fairway, and the golf cart. I tried football, but you guys, play to rough, unless you want to be rough with me in bed,  I once tried to play basketball, and the only ball I want is the one's betwen your thighs and the only dribble, I want is the ***,ing out of your ****.  I played tennis, too but there's to much in running, and I knocked the ball over the fence, and if there's any running to do, that's when I am chasing you to, grab your ball. I afraid of soccer, because if I catch you, and your not gay, you will soccer me in the mouth and kick my ***.

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 23, 2010