A Tough But Rewarding Journey

Last Sunday night, I decided to participate in the popular 90 day "No Fap" challenge and "no fap" means no ************ to ****. This is a rebooting method to break away from **** addiction, which I have and am recovering from.

Right now, I'm on day 8 and it's tough, but I like it. I actually enjoy it being tough because I know it's working and it further confirms that I actually do have **** addiction!

The plan now is to not ********** and/or ****** for the first 45 days or until Feb 28 2013 and of course I'm not watching **** at all. I feel very confident I can meet that point successfully and then complete the 90 day No Fap challenge with flying colors.

Anyone that has a **** addiction, wanna kick the habit, and is reading this, I recommend you following this challenge as well and checking out "yourbrainonporn.com" 
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5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Which NoFap day are you on now?

Well right now it's been 16 days after a reset but I am really feeling at peace and good

As long as we realize the harms PMO has brought us, it is a good start and will reboot our life. My goal is for 100 days, 6 months and then one year. I hope to permanently quit it within Two years if thats long enough to get rid of PMO.

Speaking of Peace in mind, one sympotom of **** Addiction is that Anxiety usually emerges 3 hours after doing PMO. Quiting it indeed brings calmness.

Hey are you still nofaping?

My ex has also recently started the nofap challenge. He has a **** addiction that escalated in coercing me into fulfilling his fantasies, and mentally and physically checking out of our relationship. I commend you for nipping this in the bud at this phase of your life. Good luck!

Thank you. For me, it has worked so far.

Oddly enough, this sounds a bit similar to my getting clean from alcoholism.

First: stop consuming it
Second: reject the cravings and distract yourself during withdrawl symptoms
Third: keep being strong
Fourth: mentally give a different role to alcohol (I imagine this being something like "learn how to ********** differently, by using your imagination for example" for p0rn addiction?)
Fifth: enjoy the good thing in a moderate, healthy way (I believe p0rn can't be consumed in a healthy way, so I think this would be "enjoy ************ in a healthy way -without p0rn-").

I agree with all the above. Currently my challenge is to go 45 days without any ****, ************, and ****** (unless it's a wet dream). After 45 days, I'll be ************ only once a week til the 90 days. No **** throughout the challenge and my main intent is to not watch **** for rest of this year.

Addiction is addiction, and by definition it is unhealthy. It sure sounds like you are doing everything right in order to free yourself though, and I find it particularly poignant that you are facing it all in such a mature way. I like also that by writing this you may be helping others too. Great for you. My wish for you-- freedom.

Thanks for the support Maisie *tight hugs* That's exactly what I need from this: freedom.