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Help! I``````````````````````m Locked Out Of My Homepage !

musta been bout 2 weeks ago that i went out and got me one `a these here computer gizmos.Ever since` seems i`m in a daze and no foolin`,dang thing don`t make no sense nohow. first of all,it didn`t come with an e-struction book or any indication how to do alla the things i done heard about and i had to have my buddy mike to boot er up-than he splits. "can`t be that hard i sez-lets see email.....gets to the site okay and an application appears-user name;guess they want me to make one up. hmmmmm...sasserfrass,thats good. it ain`t good to the guys runnin the joint: no such user name listed!, it flashes. course not i made it up silly WALLOP.COM guy ! this repeats several times with other handles and i decide to scroll down lookin` to give the WALLOP.COMpeople a verbal (virtual) wallop in their com.well when i get down i realize the place i had been foolin with was for folks already E_mailed up cause it sez:want to start anew account? second try:IT accepts Sasserfrasseroff@WALLOP.COM but starts askin some peculiar and awfully personal questionsthat the you ess post office ain`t interested in but every things goin` ok till they show yours truely an eye chart::mkopiuyb stinks.. what does thissay? not a darn thing,i think. is this the psychological part a` the test? whos mkopiuyb(mc O )for short) and why does he stink? mebbe anew quaterback ??? well, not knowing , i just repeated Mkopiub Stinks don`````````````````t know why.. Wrong!case sensitive Try Again!To shorten this HISTRIONIC tale i finally figgered they meant:What letters are shown?OK`but why didn`t you say that ? Just as i think i`m done they gift me with anew password:7u8cvd44. iwrote it down but live in dread of losing the paper(i`m a bit like lt. columbo) the whole time i`ve had this contraption the problems continue.I can``````````````````````````````t find my address bar and can only get to,say E.P. by usin` the search engine. Once here,i`ll only get baack by the search engine. to top it all off WALLOP mail is now MACRONET LIVE WALLOP. they claim my old i. d. and password will still work . ain`t so magee! mike(remember him?-the guy who set up my rig) promises to come soon and help with this. don`t hurry,old buddy. i`m sittin` here in my P.J.s babbling on at1:20 am to a computer screen. they keep tellin`me the NETimproves life.coulda fooled me bookerdana PS just found my web cam. anyone who wants to see agrown man cry..well you don`t believe me.
bookerdana bookerdana 51-55, M 2 Responses Nov 11, 2011

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MY! You have really got the hang of this now! Cute story! Made me laugh out loud. Oxo

I love your story and completely relate to it. I've only been on here for three days and thought I was some kind of an idiot. Well, that may be too. I have created a group of my own, by mistake and can't get rid of it. It has taken me three days to finally get something published and wouldn't go into cyber space. I haven't been able to even find the group I belong to. <br />
<br />
I wish you luck. I did have one comment from a guy who said it wasn't easy to navigate and you are better to learn by doing. Easy for him to say.

dear always,thank you for your kind comments about my story about my mis-adventures on the computer and no you are not alone.what say you we blow this joint and fly our "avatars" to Ricks VIRTUAL bar until claude reins ghost shuts it down or we`re caught without our cyber papers?i was awarded an EP badge the other day(thinking BADGES_I DON~T need no stinking badges!)but you had to copy and paste the thing,and even though i googled a site that explained how-lets just say it continues to wait in EP dungeon.(aside- if you go to your profile and clickMY GROUPS, it should be there-lots o` luck with that one, also my friend who made the comment about learning myself-he is not a "contact" or avirtual friend-hello i`d like you to meet my virtual friend Mike leaves me with cognitive dissonance but the doctors expect a complete recovery. heres to you kid-post me anytime-you can even write on my a non- vocal minority we`ve got to stick together.....PEACE TO ALL HERE

Sorry,I just saw this comment today(not sure why.)I.m still a net-wit but I can copy and're you doing,and once agaain sorry for the delay in answering!