I went out with a friend of mine today and it seems like it's a small world out there because he too knows my friend Jason as well as the fact that Jason is moving with a 19 year old who's in high school and can't support himself. My friend asked me what was wrong and I told him and he informed me that he also knew the kid and that he said that the kid told him that he wanted to have a rich man that could support and take care of him (and Jason is far from rich). He also told me that Jason was now certain of moving to Virginia when he cannot afford it and is an immense amount of debt. I'm also concerned because Jason really believes that the kid has feelings for him when he's just going to use him and I just seem a terrible conclusion to this situation and that's them (or mostly Jason) ending up homeless somewhere and I've had friends that were homeless. It's not a pretty situation and it was stressful, worrisome, and concerning for me because most nights I couldn't sleep wondering if they were alright or even alive. I know that I need to stand by and let Jason learn his own lesson since he's almost 30 and should know how to make the right decisions and I was determined to do that. However, with the info that I was told it feels like the difficulty of successfully doing that has just increased.
jamie1292 jamie1292
26-30, M
Aug 21, 2014