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I have to face it; I'm not getting any younger. I just turned 60 in July, but don't feel or look my age. However, I want a different life, with a new woman. I'm just not content with my present life. To give you an idea of how far apart my wife and I are, let me tell you this. This coming weekend we are going to a nearby city together, but not together. I'm going to a museum of sorts to see an exibit. My wife doesn't want to see the exhibit, but suggested the trip, because she wants to talk to her male gay friend who lives up there. Could we be any further apart?
IanMatthew IanMatthew 56-60, M 7 Responses Oct 18, 2010

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I know what you mean.

Whatever your decision, it must be what's best for *you*. Loneliness can eat you alive if you let it go on too long. For me, I beat it by going back to school, but being alone still sucks. The difference is that I am alone because I *want* to be (at this moment) and am filling the time with what I want to do. It's made me stronger in some ways. Does it mean I want to be alone forever ? while i do something I have always wanted to do for *me*.<br />
If you choose to separate, you will survive with a friendship intact, because so many years can't be a total waste. But staying together because you might be feeling guilty about wanting more, doesn't do either of you a service. The only suggestion I have is to attempt couples counseling as a last ditch attempt, and then decide if you want to fly alone.<br />
Vent here when you need to, I find it helps.

Thank you.

I've told her very specifically what's wrong. I even asked for an open marriage. No go.

I've told her very specifically what's wrong. I even asked for an open marriage. No go.

Sorry to hear that. There is nothing worse than growing apart. It is your decision on how much lack of intimacy/companionship you can tolerate though, so, good luck.

No, it isn't.