Might As Well End It Now

what point/reason is there to live now? we are ruining the planet that gave us life so if we keep doing it there wont be life. i also want to have my own offsprings one day and teach them everything i have learned. i want to have a family who understands me and loves me unconditionally, this is why i have reached EP in my search for acceptance and love. my family and friends no longer understand me and i find it hard to feel accepted.


i think there are certain steps we can take to save our world, but if people are unwilling to change then there is no hope. 


there is obviously something more rewarding when love is shown from your child than achieving 1st place in a competition. we should be aiming for the best kind of love and acceptance and not separating people by seeking the "best". cos frankly there is no limits, therefore being the best cannot be achieved.

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Why not live off of the grid and teach your children to live off of the grid and teach them to live nature, mother earth, animals the our responsibility to the earth. That is your way of helping mother earth and start up your own news letter of how you started living off of the grid there are magazines and books out there, if you can take one plant less plot of land and turn it into a paradise of a garden and feed a family and feel the love of the earth and family then by Joe do it. <br />
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Don't sit there and say all is lot as we can share an idea and have the idea spread just like these emails! Get off of your butt and find a way to give back in stead of worrying about all that is lost. Or even find a way to us items that people throw away in the dump and make art out of it. Or find a way to trap the gas from the land fill and use it to fuel a number of homes or businesses. <br />
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We all the readers out there reading your emails, there has to be someone you an connect with and come up with an idea on what you can do yourself between the group to attempt to make things right. Don't give up before the war is even fought. It always look bleak if all you see storm clouds and rain and do not wait for the sun to shine.

there isnt anything to get mixed up about. humans want to find happiness/love in whatever, but ruins of today means that humans wont get to experience that. we are damaging the world to a point where it will die within this century. we are running our futures down to the ashes that we burn all the time, because we have not found the balance between our existence and our planet. what future is there if we cant even look after the planet that gave us life? do we think we are more important than the earth we live on? then how can we disturb nature and the ecosystem in order to satisfy our over-populating race? do we not see that this planet is doomed? there is no future, if the people dont fix what they have already damaged and STOP DAMAGING MORE! i want to make my life surrounded by love but i cannot find this love from people, if they separate themselves from me or the planet. its just not natural! people care more about their image and who they are seen with, that theyre not even themselves anymore.

U have a lot too live for, yeah this world is crazy but ur life and which life path u wanna take is all in ur hands, u make ur life what u want it too be!! I am also worried about the futuer but for worry isn't gonna help me anyways I can only live in the moment and take one day at a time, when the futuer is here than I wil worry about it when it comes and happens ya know?

Seems that you are bothered by two factors, the world that is being ruined, and that of lack of love between family members. Please don't mix the two together, it just give you headache and get you more emotionally out of control. You are trying to use one bad reason to attack lack of relationship.<br />
Look at the future headlines for your children: AKAMI junior just discovered the earth's need for green pasture, like in the desert or mountains. OR, Akami junior is now a congressman, in charge of ecology for the country.<br />
Did you know the first house computer was invented in a garage by two kids.