On A Quest

Am on a quest ,not searching for mony nor for a soul mate but searching for my self,am on a quest to find my true identity cuz am really lost and dont know who i am and wat i really want,to get things worse uni is on doors and i need to decide what i want to do,so am really scared that my decision will ruin my future.What should i do? i actually don't know.So any suggestions???

alphali alphali 18-21, M 2 Responses Mar 29, 2010

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What do you like to do that makes you happy? Cooking, gardening, working with people or animals if any of none of these pick something that you love to do and work with it. Take up a night class in photography and take pictures of nature and connect with nature.

Start a community garden. Tutor children, or older people how to read once you start giving your will start getting it!

I think that you're probably thinking to yourself every day things like...:

"When (fill in for yourself) will happen to me, THEN I will be happy."

Let me tell you something. It is the only truth there is.

Only THIS moment matters. Nothing else.

Think about this "now" moment, and every other moment that we call "now".

What do you want in this "now" moment? Who will you chose to be in this "now" moment?

Isn't blessing every day more important then worrying about our future?

I've also been mannnny times worried about the furture. i can't even describe to you how manny times it was, untill I started to read the books of Neale Donald Walsh called "an uncommon conversation with God".

let me tell you this, you don't even have to believe in God to be inspired by that book, or any of his other books for that matter.

His books inspired me, they made me feel like I was reborn.

because I realized I kept on thinking and worrying too much about my future.. all my life, or most of it though.

I didn't even realize the ONLY thing that will make you find who you are, know who you are, is by BLESSING every single second of your life.

Bless this day. Bless tomorrow. Bless whatever happens today. Yes, bless what doesn't happen today, but bless bless bless.... You will be put to a much higher leven of consciousness then you have ever felt before.

You will be reborn and find who you are again.

Who knows what tmorrow might bring?

Life's a journey not a destination and our task on this planet is to make the best of our life, no matter what choices we can make.

Who do you chose to be? Ask this question yourself every day.

When I read that question in the books of Donald Walsh i thought.. this is plain ridicoulous!

but no, it really helped. and Ive changed. And gawd how good it feels i gave me back to myself again and found my inner me.

Bless every day. Dont think too much about what the future might bring.

take care and blessings xxx