What Would You Call It?

I am constantly thinking that I might have a terminal disease because I react to really silly things...
like if i dont remember a cut in my hand or if somethings hurts in my body or if im not that hungry or if im tired or if i feel a minor rash in my arm.. mysteriosly my brain panics and keeps thinking that I might have something terrible,,, and that prevents me from allocating my time to the things that really matter, like my job my school work and other things.. and not only stops there.. i keep looking for symptoms to terminal diseases and then I start to feel depressed that i am going to die soon....i feel depressed for a couple of days and i can only think about that... but suddenly after days of thinking about the same thing my strength wakes up and says " you know what? if I am going to die so be it, if im going to die soon i will not let this disease or whatever it is to make me feel this depressed im just going to get up and go somewhere and enjoy life by myself and pray to whatever is out there and tell him THANK YOU for letting me enjoy another day in this planet".. however this whole experience seems to be in an infinite loop, i been in crisis for almost 3 times this year... and im thinking now that what I might have is a mental disorder problem in which my brain panics for everything... for no reason at all. or at least I haven't identify the resource that triggers my brain into panic mode
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

If youve had a panic attack, triggers can put you right into that state again due to muscle memory. You need to release this nervous energy through EFT or energy therapist.