I Think I Am Crazy Sometimes

From one day to another I never really know how I am going to be for that day! Somedays I am a happy go lucky person and others I can't remember anything and I have crazy ideas and then there are days that I am a total ***** and I can't stand anyone at all and usually they cant tolerate me either.

Due to my frequent mood changes I do worry about my mental well being quite often! WOndering what I should do for it. I have went for medical help on this and I take the meds until I feel better then I quit! I don't want to be medicated full term! 

depressedmommy depressedmommy
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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

The fear of being on long term meds is a problem. Sometimes it does take a little longer on them as we try and change our behaviors to make a real change. I'm looking to get off any meds I'm on, I see themas a temporary crutch to ease the transition. For me, It has been too long already.<br />
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I wish you well on your battle with depression and other mental concerns. Your among friends here on EP.

I tried reading but it tends to make me worse, writing helps a little if I could stop focusing on the grammar while doing so! I waste a lot of thoughts because I let the puncutation take control of me. I guess I could possibly be developing OCD on words