At a Loss Again

I am concerned about my Relationship because for over a Year now my wife has been withholding Sex. I believe as a Form of Punishment. This is of course nothing New and is..I believe..fairly common among other couples. But never for this length of time. We have been Married for 27 years now and have most likely more than the usual amount of disagreements. NONE...I might add...I have ever come out on top in. But as I have not wanted to Waste so much time..and for other reasons..simply agree with her. I know this was the Wrong thing to do or go about, But? We have experienced the Loss of a Child..Devastating!! Dealt with approx. 14 years of her dealing with Severe Clinical Depression. Supposedly due to a "Bio-Chemical" change after our second child. And of course .. alot more. But have managed somehow to at least have somekind of a relationship. My feelings have Always been .. basically .. that there are two Major aspects to a Relationship. One being on a Mental Level..whereas you Sit n things together...Dicsuss issues and so on. The other of course being the Physical. And will assume we all know What that Should be..? And "YES" I am quite aware of ALL the issues that can effect this particular area...Been There--Done That. Been Married for 27 years ya' know..Hehe!! But this time around I have NOT waviered in my Resolve and stood fast. As such we have NOT had the Physical part for over a year. Due to dealing with about One Sustantial Loss of a Loved One each preceding year...the Depression finally set in Big Time and she had to Quit Work. I had helped for two years when she had first started to notice had Bad it was getting in doing all that I could. But as some point a little over a year ago..this evidently was Not enough? She has now asked me IF I want to Work on our Relationship..again? Depsite just now finding out that her Reason for the Withholding..from her viewpoint..was her feeling I wasn't doing enough..asking me IF I just wanted a Divorce..and me..Supposedly saying.."Yes"..? I cannot recall things going quite this way..but as I happen to be Married to someone who has Never be Wrong about Anything..even Once..during our now Totally Cluleless as to how to procede. We have been talking..discussing and such for 4 days off an on now. And..again..she is Upset once again because I "Dared" to express my feelings on the Efftect of Withholding this time...has had on me. As in I No Longer "Care" to be intimate with her this way. But do still love and care...just not as much. And will not through 27 years of Marriage away Without doing All that I can to at least Try and work something out..even if it is only on a Platonic level. So really kind of lost to how to procede in the possibility of. And would Truly Appreciate ANY input..ideas..suggestions and such. I am open to answer..Almost..any questions If they may help Help me.. Thanks,
Leroy52 Leroy52
56-60, M
Aug 7, 2007