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Republican Women Stand Up--a Bit

The Federal Violence Against Women Law was originally proposed by bi-partisan effort, routinely re-approved by bipartisan vote---and then came this year. All 31 MALE Republican Senators voted against renewing it. Luckily, WOMEN Republican Senators and Democrats voted for it, so it passed the Senate. So, now male Republicans are for violence against women?
ChipmunkErnie ChipmunkErnie 61-65, M 6 Responses May 16, 2012

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Dente,<br />
That was my take as well. The women are pissed that it is being held up and revised and argued over when it should just sail through ba<x>sed on the fact that it is a law that protects victims of abuse. I mean--couldn't the time be better spent on issues that really need to be debated? This should have been automatically renewed, no debate. is infuriating.

If I have it right, the Democrats wanted to include same-sex couples and illegal immigrants in the revised version--to protect them--but that did not go over too well with the Republicans. I may be over-simplifying here, but there is no other good explanation for why someone would oppose this extension unless the provisions had been changed in such a way as to make it unacceptable. <br />
The other argument, again, if I have it right, is that there were some who felt that the law as it stood did not go far enough in terms of protection. <br />
For the record I read from a lot of sources and I forget those sources as soon as I have finished reading; I usually retain the basics though, so although I say "If I have this right" I am pretty sure I do. I think there were Democrats and Republicans who both voted against different parts of it that they disagreed with. That being said--protecting victims of abuse should be a no-brainer, but nothing in this Congress is a no-brainer, apparently.

You've got a lot of the right facts, basically people who opposed it either felt it didn't go far enough in some areas others felt it went to far....ultimately nearly everyone who wasn't a male republican felt it was more important to renew the act rather than lose the protections that were agreed upon!

What was your information source, Ernie? I looked at the official roll call. There are more than 31 male Republican senators, and unfortunately a number of them did vote for it. You need better sources.

Last night's news.

Can't find the roll call, but 15 out of 47 Republicans voted for it, leaving 31 or 32 (maybe someone abstained) male Republicans as the only Senators who voted against it.

Ernie, you've renewed my faith in the ability of people who are not Concept to use facts!

Which network, Ernie?

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No, the Senate Democrats wouldn't go along with needed changes.

"Needed" by the Republicans one assumes?

no congress wont let changes take place

Kay Bailey Hutchinson agreed that those changes were needed, although she voted for it after the Democrats rejected them.

Funny stuff even fox news thought republicans voting against VAWA was bad form, stating if they were going to do it they better have a alternative that allowed for the same protections for women.

Who are these people, Ernie???<br />
They act like women are some sort of fringe "special interest group."<br />
<br />
I thought we made up half the population.

More than half, actually.

And we are going to make a joyful noise.

If I were a woman in the US I'd be making more of an angry noise.