Oh Republicans, You Never Cease To Amaze

Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), a U.S. Senate candidate, explained his unique perspective on biology and sexual health:

"From what I understand from doctors, [pregnancy from rape] is really rare," Akin told a St. Louis TV station. "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let's assume that maybe that didn't work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child."

A "legitimate rape"? So, in addition to his crackpot view of female reproduction, he's insinuating that if a woman gets pregnant from rape, it wasn't REALLY rape or else she couldn't have gotten pregnant. This guy would have had a field day back in the 1800s when the legal POV was that it was physically impossible to rape a woman who didn't want to be raped because she'd clench her muscles and make intercourse impossible.
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Obviously, there are some Republicans who really are not very smart. Among Democrats, the rate must be near a hundred per cent. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am a decent human being who thinks for himself.

I have not noticed anything anywhere that could be any kind of a "war on women." If anything like that should happen to show up, do not worry about it. The women are certain to win.

Actually, The Republicans are distancing themselves for this goof and pressuring him to drop out of the race. The difference between Republicans and Democrats, is if someone screws up, Republicans kick them out of the pool.

President BHO believes that sanctions and diplomacy will prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons ... take your pick

Would you rather start another war ?

And this relates to the story in what way? BTW, you could always listen to Pat Buchanan and decide there is no Iranian nuclear threat.

Mr Aikin made 1 gaff! But the libs over look a Presidential canidate who said he had already campaigned in 57 states & still had a couple more to go. Yep B H Obama said that!vand do we even wadt to bring his VP up when we are talking about gaffs? The man only opens his mouth long enough to change feet.

He didn't make a "gaffe", he spoke his true thoughts and beliefs. As to Obama's mistake about "states", he actually had the number of voting constituencies correct, his mistake was referring to places like American Samoa as "states" Not quite the same as believing women can't get pregnant from rape because they have some mysterious inner system that prevents it.

Mr Obamah was actually thinking about the 57 Muslim states. Why would he go to American Samoa & not to Hawaii while he was in the area. Mr Aikin is un-appologitically pro-life. If they say that abortion is no longer legal except in the cases of rape, ******, & for the womans health, then any floozy who sleeps with a stud-mufffin because she thinks he's hot even if he is dumb as a box of rocks, has no job, no money, no ambition, no car 7 still lives at home with his mommy, therefore has nothing beyond **** to offer her & she gets knocked up from the tryst can go into the abortion clinic & say she was raped to terminate the un-wanted pregnancy.

And when she has the baby, don't you dare complain about the social programs established to help fund raising the child, because in the scenario you've described, neither parent will have the money to do it. Or were YOU planning to personally adopt all those children you believe should be here ?

No, I don't plan to personally adopt all those children. But I have supported 5 step children, & fed many more hungry children with dead beat parents the nice dinner I prepared for myself & had a PBJ. But there are thousands of people, straight & gay that would love to adopt & will travel the globe to adopt an orphan child. Supreme Court Justice O'Conner said she always thought that abortion was to help control the population of the undesirables. Maybe that is why most clinics are in the inner cities. But as it stands, the President can't do anything to change the abortion law unless he is able to pack tho SCOtUS with judges that think the way he does & it doesn't matter what party or color he is. We hear this argument every 4 years. If you get knocked up & want an abortion I have no control of that. But I strongly resent people wanting the government forcing me & all the others Right to Life advocates to pay for your poor choices at the point of the gun their IRS wing. Yes the IRS & many other government agencies carry heat, & if you don't pay what they say you owe they will haul your butt to jail at the point of a gun. If you personally want to fund all those abortions yourself I will not get in your way.

I already help fund the social programs you want to get rid of. You would punish the women doing what you claim to support: giving birth to unwanted children regardless of their financial circumstances. If you think you have the right to be involved, be involved all the way ! Otherwise, mind your own business and stay out of folks' uteruses.

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WOW...everyone yelling "Republican...Republican " Love how forgiving the "LIB'S " are! Every Democrat is so hip and correct. The guy was out of his league on this one. But.....every one piles on a stupid comment. "LEGITIMATE RAPE "!!! Lighten up..

And you reinforce the stupidity.

Peza...oh Peza .....are you "offended "?

Oh, right...because rape is such a "light"-hearted subject...

Cue "dueling banjos" - <br />
This explains a lot about the Republican'ts and why the teabaggers have taken over what once was a reasonable and responsible political party.<br />
<br />
This is a screaming piece of evidence of the need for good detailed sex education ;-) <br />
<br />
One thing critics of Republican'ts (i.e. the Dems) should realize is that without a rational and reasonable opponent, it becomes easy to lose one's way. Just sayin'<br />
<br />
But it's this kind of thing that makes me think we are like the Roman Empire - devolving into mob rule. guy makes a stupid comment and you want to generalized. Everybody today is "horrified " when some one goes off "the deep end ". He is out of his league on this one and has apologized. What 's for supper?

If your grocer or mail carrier says something like this, you can "relax", because it means nothing. But for someone with power to make policy and draft laws to be so misinformed about basic biology is terrifying, and the women of Missouri need to be VERY afraid.

I heard about that and was horrified. That's the paradox of conservativism: they claim to want less government---but just enough to peer into people's bedrooms and women's uteruses everywhere.

Conservatives only want less government in areas where they want more local control.

Morons can be found in all political parties and on either side of the spectrum (left to right). Let us not forget the idiot running fr Senate in Massachusetts ( Elizabeth Warren). I don't think she'd even know the difference between an Indian Reservation and a Boy Scout Camp if Indians shot her in the *** with an arrow.

Did she say something specific about rape ?


I never thought to look. Is he a Mormon?

You may disagree with and even dislike Elizabeth Warren, but she is a strong, intelligent woman. Calling her a moron merely suggests you are threatened by such.

Not threatened, amazed would be more accurate. This woman actually games the system by pretending to be a minority (American Indian) to get an edge in college, yet this seems to be perfectly fine with many voters. The lady lacks integrity, big time. Then there's her jumping in with both feet on the "you
didn't build this" controversy. Perhaps it would be more accurate to question the intelligence of those who would vote for her.

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These people give morons a bad name.

I am sure by now, Akin is making a public "retraction" of his statement.<br />
Well, it is TOO LATE, jerk!!!! <br />
You said it and we heard it.

'Legitimate rape'??? Good Lord, every time I think I've heard the stupidest thing anyone could say, a Republican opens his mouth and proves me wrong. It's because of hateful, ignorant jackasses like that, putting guilt on the victim, that so many rapes go unreported. It's absolutely incredible that someone of supposed intelligence and holding a public office could say something so insensitive and idiotic.