What's Going On? What's Wrong?

I consider myself an easy going person who would rather carry an olive branch than any kind of weapon, but in light of what's happening in the country lately, I think I should carry a big stick as well. And here, my choice of weapon is the power of the written word. I am worried about the direction this country is taking. It seems as if we've lost our way... that it is now fashionably American to be UN-American. To want to undo what has effectively been in place for decades that has brought us this far. Why is the Tea Party and other distracting, fractious groups now rearing their ugly heads in defiance of our government when worse things have occurred in other administrations all too often and for far too long? Obama likened to Hitler? Please... Where was the conservatives' uneasiness when Bush lied to and misguided us for eight years? Nowhere, because he was doing their selfish bidding. I don't want to think that it's all "race based" with what'sgoing on these days but what else can it be? It certainly can't be "intelligence based" when you have Sarah Failin' becoming the bellweather for conservatives, "refudiating" things that don't jive with her agenda, or even going so far as to insult OUR intelligence by likening herself to Shakespeare which, according to her, allows her to tinker with the English language. Where is her righteous indignation at those people "on the fringe" who've made a mockery of the president an all of the things that he and his compatriots stand for? I haven't heard her repudiate any of those people. In fact, she put the NAACP down for their stance against the Tea Party Express' tolerance of bigotry - forgetting that it was people like her giving rise to the reason said organization was founded. And what do WE do about it? Nothng. We seem to be sitting idly by and saying and doing nothing. That is why I have created this blog. To get MY opinion out there and get things off of MY chest. To speak MY truth and give myself a voice. Maybe, just maybe, someone will listen and join in. I don't want us to roll over and play dead and let the misguided operations of a few speak for the many of us. I still want to believe in and be a part of "E Pluribus Unum", not "E Pluribus Pabulum" - where we are being both hand and breast fed things that others want us to believe and accept. We've got to wake up America and "hold these truths that (are) self-evident" ... that America is still the greatest country on the planet and we need to remember and treat it as such.
amansmusings amansmusings
51-55, M
Jul 20, 2010