If More People Took A Stand


  • deception
  • hate
  • crime (real crime, not so-called crimes that only harm themselves and not others)
  • cruelty
  • injustice
  • and so many countless other things

i think the world could be a better place.

lots of folks are bullied for no reason, and it's getting worse - especially amongst the children.  i am so tired of seeing kids dying because their parents aren't raising them to respect themselves, anyone else, or anything at all.

i am tired of seeing tyrants run the world.  i believe virtually everyone in any political office the world over, is a thief, cheat, and just plain despicable.  the world needs new leaders who SPEAK THE TRUTH and stick by their guns.  the governments of the world now, are just out for self and no one else.  most call themselves Christians, but know nothing of God, Jesus, or HUMANITY.  you cannot honestly say you love Christ and what he stood for if you attack other's with fake Christian obscenities.  Walk the walk - Talk the talk. ---- even folks who want to enforce Islam on other's.  I haven't read the Qu'ran in it's entirety, but i read enough to know that Allah wasn't about senseless wars and is of peace, charity, and fellowship.  --- no one has to be an extremist and only be a Muslim; to be honest, Christians were the FIRST EXTREMISTS - history teaches that, folks just refuse to call it out. 

because of the laziness of folks, the world is going through drastic changes.  why can't folks just be more aware of their actions, and how they affect the planet - not just huimankind, but the ENTIRE PLANET.  i fear it is going to come to a day in which future generations of all life including humankind, nothing will exist anymore.  everyday, we lose more and more of our bodies of water and the air is becoming toxic - WE NEED WATER AND AIR to function.  there are children dying of not only hunger, but also of thirst - because the generations before them polluted the waters so bad.  THIS IS INHUMANE.  no child should die of thirst.  food is one thing, but thirst?  that's even worse and sickening.  sad thing, so many folks just walk around like it's okay - it's alright.  the **** you to to others, does haunt you - or someone close to you.  the sins of the parents do fall upon their children - the Bible and Qu'ran teaches that.  still, no one really interprets that - until they go to their churches or mosques or temples on Sunday. 

i wish folks could love each other, as they claim to love God (in all of His Names).

Taking a stand means to love - and to love outside of one's self.  Taking a stand means doing the work of and for God (in all of His Names).

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1 Response Dec 20, 2009

For thousands of years people have been using all of those things you mentioned. If a kingdom wanted another they would do some horrible things.<br />
<br />
Now there are still countries at war, yes half the world staving but nothing like the misery that was before. We talk to our enemies, we love our children we help those in need.<br />
<br />
I think the world is in a much better place.<br />
<br />
I think there is a lot of gods work already there.