The Only Home We Have

This planet is the only home we have and it is so beautiful! Where in the universe can we reach all the beauty and richness we have here? It is full of beautiful life! But if we keep contributing to the destruction of the planet's balance, this beautiful life might fall apart. I say "we" because we are all culty. We all want a more comfortable life, and that means consuming resources. But I think we should all just stop and THINK. People have kids and they are leaving a more and more worse future for their kids; they think that if they leave money to their descendents, that will be enough to garantee a life of quality. But what is money good for if you have no resources left to buy? And without resources no one can have a quality life. By the way, the more things you have, the less other people have. So the better is your life, the worse is the life of a bunch of other people. At the momment I stopped to think about it and could finally see some of what I am doing to the world, I felt overwhelmed. I didn't want to be just a part of this big toxic engine that the contemporary society has become. I just wanted to live in harmony with people, with nature and all of the other species. Every single species matters. And we humans, as a species that is intelectually superior, have the responsability to take care of all of the species that SHARE with us our unique home. And in order to do that we need to stop consuming resources in order to preserve. So everytime you feel the "need" to buy something, just ask yourself: Do you really need it? Is it worthy to sacrifice the future of planet's life for your personal comfort and luxury? Are all of these twisted priorities worthy of sacrificing the only home we have? Just think about it.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

You say that "if we keep contributing to the destruction of the planet's balance, this beautiful life might fall apart". From a technological long term point of view, the problem is worse than you know. One little-publicised aspect of CO2 is that an increase of CO2 gradually causes an increase in water vapour, Earth's chief greenhouse gas. This aspect has been long known, despite being only rarely discusses, and was published by Royal Society scientist Svante Arrhenius in the 1896 April issue of the British scientific journal "Philosophical Magazine".

In terms an ordinary person can understand, if you double CO2, then over the course of a little over 2000 years you also approximately double the amount of water vapour. If out of industrialist greed we double the amount of CO2 to about 800 parts per million during this 21st century, then by way of the slow increase of water vapour from that 800 parts per million of CO2, we cook our species to death in a little over 2000 years.

This danger to the long-term survival of our species leads to a question about the extent of industrialist greed. In an international chat site last year, a Chinese chatter seemed convinced, on the basis of what she had learned in political class since grade 1, that capitalist greed in "Western World" was very extreme. Her personal belief is that capitalist greed is so severe that captains of industry in Western World would knowingly doom our species for the sake of getting more money. I wonder if she is correct.