Global Warming

have you ever watched "the inconvenient truth" if you have then you know my concerns, if you haven't watched it you should.

I am really worried about the future of our planet, the world is going to die. It will and we can't stop anything now. All we can do is make is happen slower by removing factories that increase the green house gases, but we will not be able to stop it, it's too late already.

We should have thougth about it 100 years ago but back then we didnl't have that good technology like we do today.

I am scared to bring kids into this world because they and their kids will suffer, my kids grandkids for sure. It sad to know that the world is going to be gone, everything will be under water. It's really sad.

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<p>As far as everything being underwater, I can easily see a 200 meter sea level rise within 8000 years, but after that the sea cannot rise any higher. There is only so much ice on Antarctica to melt. </p><p>There are actually good things about sea level rise. One benefit is that a square kilometer of shallow ocean can produce more food than a square kilometer of land. A second benefit is that more ocean surface means more rainfall per square kilometer on land, leading to more crop production, assuming that irrigation infrastructure is built in order to account for the change in rainfall patterns.</p><p>We still have 15 years (until the year 2028) to act before year-round ice on the Arctic Ocean no longer becomes the normal condition on a geological time scale. A full melt of Arctic Sea ice in the late Summer around 2028 will be Nature's warning that it is time for our species (Homo sapiens) to take a pause with the large scale dumping of CO2 into the atmosphere, an atmospheric dumping that currently in the 2010s amounts to about 56 billion metric tons of CO2 per year. When the year comes that the Arctic sea ice extent essentially no longer exists on a year round basis, meaning when rounded to the nearest 0.1 million square kilometers it is a number of 0.0 million square kilometers in the late Summer, then it is time to cut CO2 annual emission into the atmosphere to about 8 billion metric tons per year.</p><p>This much reduced CO2 number of 8 billion metric tons per year will be technologically possible in 2028 due to falling prices for solar power. Whether that number will be politically possible remains to be seen.</p>

Everything is NOT going to be underwater - some things will and most things not.<br />
Unless one denies that there were Ice Ages in the past where things melted, then froze, then melted, severely changing the planet including oceans how do we know for sure man is causing THIS global warming? Most people drink water every day - does that make the moon rise? Man didn't cause ANY of the other periods. It may be beyond man's control, like if the sun is responsible as it goes through heat cycles. It cannot be denied sunspots and solar flares are large impact events spaced in time.

I realy don't think that scaring people is a way to get there money. Unfortunately global warming is real and it is extremely sad to know that there are people in this world who don't "believe" in it. It's not a myth and it is very real. Maybe you should do some research on the subject. And I do agree with you Unicorn. Even though I am still young I too am scared to bring children into the world. It's not fair that they are going to have to deal with our mistakes.

I feel as a cynic that a lot of this green house gas and climate change has been dreamed up by people who have found a new way to make lots of money. I believe we are going through a phase of weather changes that were happening in the 30's. The sun goes through activity stages that affect our earth. There is a scientist in England named Benny Peiser who has a newsletter that tells us a lot of things we don't hear about our world. I respect his opinions and the opinions of other scientists who say this is all a bunch of claptrap set up to glean money from yet another bunch of believers.

I've watched parts of it. And I totally agree with you. Things have to be done against the emission of green house gases now!<br />
I do not believe that it is enough to cut back on energy usage. But instead put money into the development of artificial 2nd degree photosynthesis (6CO2 + 6H2O --> C6H12O6 + 6O2)<br />
And also, send down CO2 gas from factories down in the ground again (they are starting to do that in UK i think).<br />
<br />
If fusion power will be successful and affordable within 100 years I believe that things will be much better. Because then we can use hydrogen fuel cells in all vehicles etc...<br />
<br />
I am worried, but still optimistic :D