Man has attempted to tame and/or conquer nature in many ways over the centuries (for better or worse) and so often we walk around doing our day to day things without paying nature much attention. However, our planet is alive and still let's us know that we are not master's of our own fate. Natural disasters are tragic events that change peoples' lives in so many ways and they are also reminders of the fragile nature of this life. They remind us that we are not immune to sickness and death. They humble us and that is a good thing because being humble helps us not waste the present moment. It also allows us chances to reconnect with humanity and remember that we are a part of a bigger picture than just our immediate sphere of influence.

When one is in a state of 'whining' and 'complaining' about things in their life these recent natural disasters shakes one to reality. One has a roof over their head, clean running water and plenty of food to eat and not sick with a life threatening disease such as cholera.

My heart oozes with compassion for those caught up in these disasters. It can be easy sometimes, especially here in the Western World to sit in our comfortable homes and watch our televisions that are a luxury that most can't afford in much of the world and feel detached from these disasters. But we are not immune to disaster and change no matter how much money we might have. In the end our money isn't going to do much good in the face of a tornado, a cyclone or an earthquake or flooding shattering our fragile world. We must accept that we are not much more secure in our life than the smallest, more vulnerable ant. As nature goes, so goes man

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Thats really beautiful, thank you!