I Am Concerned

I amd concerned that our usernames are on google.

This subject came up here today in another context. So I did a google search of my username and up came the stories I have posted on Ep. I was shocked and concerned. As I had no idea that EP material was available elsewhere. Does this mean that anything we write on Ep becomes public property?

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My real name is on the internet too with refs to my family history and material I have written. I feel OK with that.<br />
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You say that your username is on google too, but the big difference is that it is "masked by thousands of those".

Fleurina - absolutely everthing that is public on the internet is subject to inspection by the robot web-crawlers or "spiders" as they are called, which gather information for websites like Google and put the references in their vast databases. I found a few of my stories / links as well - fortunately my name of "Waiwera" is also a name of a town in NZ, and various products, so my references are masked by thousands of those. <BR><BR>This is why info that is secret going over the internet is encrypted, and top security sites are firewalled to stop intrusions. <BR><BR>But really, when you come to think of it, there's comparatively little harm in it... It is true that if someone made a concerted effort to get hold of all the info about you possible, they could find references on Google. For me, my real name has been on there, because I published a paper on an ascension website one time; but my name was all the personal details that were published; and if I look up my name and middle initial, Google reports about 64 references, of which only three are mine. So I don't take it as too serious a threat. <BR><BR>However, criminals beware! There are many ways the police can trace you on the internet, if they really want to!