What? Too Awesome (a Reflection Of My New Mindset)

Finally- it's taken a long, long time. I don't say these words lightly or without being sincere I am extremely happy and extremely confident with who I am. My life for the last eight years could of been the end- and almost was many times. I really could have ended it all. Maybe when you reach rock bottom you also find yourself. I started analyzing myself instead of overgeneralizing. I now can see with clarity that I am a pretty cool person. I dont want to be arrogant, just confident. I realize there is a lot of good stuff about me. If you're interested id love to tell you. I used to feel I need approval or somehow to avoid people's opinions of me. I don't need anyone to approve of me. I approve of me! I realize that it will take some time for this to become my new operational mindset. However, Im ready to fight my anxiety and depression. I can finally make friends. I can be happy alone! I can be happy with other people. I just don't have to fear more than is necessary now!
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Awsum :)

i have experienced this too^^, i have so much gratitude, and compassion for every action (negative, positive) every experience, and every mindset i have ever possessed.<br />
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usually, people look back on themselves and say "i can't believe i was so f-ing stupid" and feel a sense of embarrassment. <br />
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I just look back on my past with utter humility.

I have also... just recently, experienced the same epiphany about myself. The moment I became OK with myself, my whole life is changing for the better. It's weird :)

Sure is :) I'm so happy and confident with myself now :)

Way to go!!!<br />
<br />
Its feel liberating to love and accept yourself as the way you are.