This Is Who I Am Love Me Or Hate!!


This is me love me or hate me I don’t really care I’m not going to change any time soon, if you can’t like me for who I am than I don’t want to be friends with you, because you’re not worth my time or effect, I am a straight talking, doesn’t take any **** and always specks my mind no matter what it is type of person, I don’t try and pretend I’m someone I’m not and I hate people who do, because if you don’t like you how the hell do you expect anyone else to like you, you only end up  becoming a liar and no one likes people who lie and one way or another you will get caught in the end, no one can keep there lies straight so I don’t see why people bother to do it

bubble24 bubble24
22-25, F
Mar 17, 2009