The Mirror

Having a daughter can do this to you. Or, it should. You want her to know that you feel good in your skin so she sees how it's done. The choices you make, the things you mumble to yourself, the books you read, the way you carry yourself, are constantly making impressions on her soul. And you want her to look in the mirror and like what she sees. 

Right now at age seven, my daughter likes what she sees. She's sitting there playing with my makeup and I ask: what's more important, being pretty or being kind?

She knows what to answer, but I wonder what she's really thinking. 

Fallflower Fallflower
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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I think it could go both ways 9 year old could care less about her appearance. She races BMX bikes, has scrapes and bruises everywhere, does not brush her hair or even wash it until I make her! They really do each have their own individual little personalities,and that's what makes them awesome!!!

Thank you kssr. I love this age where they are discovering who they are and how they can affect others. They're realizing their value, I just worry that my daughter places too much value in how she looks.

Very well said! I also am constantly wondering what my little girls are thinking! The best is when they are really concentrating on something with their tongue out..priceless!!