Someone told me today something about I don't have the material to make a trophy wife. lol. I got a good laugh out of that one. I know that my personality and appearance come off as less than acceptable sometimes but I have no one to impress so I just don't care about how I look or what I say. I don't have to change my etiquette in order to flirt to try to catch me a man either because I am not really that interested. Then I live in Central USA and out here the men are more use to woman who are Mexican or Native American and woman who carry some of their characteristics such as fuller lips and rounder faces. I am the opposite, I have the NEW ENGLAND look. If I go to Eastern USA states I am a gem. I have made visits before and I have experienced the effect of my attraction. I laugh when men where I live question my worth as an attempt to serve me an indirect insult because I am just not their type. That's all! Why should I feel any less of a woman because of a few randoms people's opinion when I can have an unlimited supply of men in another location? It's funny!
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Once again--Thank You. :)

Like I said, each to the eyes of the behold, and you--WOW

THANK YOU! I know for a fact that I am a trophy wife because I have been told that many times already and I can prove it if really had to. However, i do admit that I walk around in a wore out pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and I have bed hair and I feel completely comfortable with it because I have no one to impress. If I had someone to impress than I would dress up. Know what I am saying? So I guess these people are judging me on what THEY think my appearance should consists of minus the fact that my lips aren't big enough for them and my face is not round enough for them. lol. Crazy!!!

Well said Doublejeopardy, and very perceptive of location making a difference. Does this mean, when in Rome, look like the Romans or else?<br />
Anyway, as I see your (pic), I can said all the people that think you are not a trophy wife or wrong, flat out wrong. Any and all women have the material, but it is all in the eyes of the beholder. You are diffenately someone to behold, as in WOW.<br />
I live in California, but have lived in five other state, so I can say you are a trophy.