I Don't Even Know Where to Start.

I tend to overthink. Everything. I go through every possibility there is in my head to justify any conclusions I come to. Or I keep overthinking until I do come to a conclusion.

I don't have any examples. It all boils down to I don't know how to express myself, and I don't know how to take it easy, and I'm wondering how common that is in human beings.

I'd like to talk to other people who just dont know. Know who, what, where, when, why, how. Who are conflicted. About anything. Everything.

Because right now, I feel like I'm the only one within a 100 mile radius who feels this way.
snokat snokat
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3 Responses Jun 11, 2007

I over analyze everything,to the point where I'm so busy analyzing I never actually do anything.Ever since I graduated everyday feels like there are less things I'm sure of. I'm not sure I know anything anymore. <br />
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Its happened so many times in my life. I thought I had it all figured out,and then for lack of a better ex<x>pression, "My life got flip-turned upside down". This has in turn made me an extremely cynical and cautionary person,which makes it all the harder.<br />
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I know how to express myself and yet I don't. You **** me off,you'll know it.Yet, I've had at least 10 crushes that have lasted sometimes for years,and I only told one how I felt (I think you can guess the outcome of that).<br />
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I know for a fact I'm more intelligent than the majority of people my age (I'm not bragging),but there are so many things I know nothing about that they do.<br />
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Maybe I should have got wasted all the time and have constant sex with people I barely know and get involved in petty gossip.All the people who did seem much happier.<br />
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the only thing I know right now is that I don't know what the hell is going on. You aren't the only one.

I completely agree with you, snokat. For me, it's usually anxiety-ridden (which it sounds like it is for you too). I think about something that embarrassed me, something that hurt me, something that could be potentially hurtful--over and over again, thinking about possible repurcussions or causes until I've mowed down half of my brain cells. For me, it's mostly just destructive and greatly inhibits me. <br />
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I am conflicted about lots, most commonly my own potential, and my relationships--friendships or otherwise. I ruminate over whether I am compatible with people or not.<br />
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And as for how common it is, I would say extremely.

You are def NOT the only one. Sometimes I don't know what I should be feeling about something that just happened or how I want to handle a certain situation and I will sit there until I decide that being angry is the best choice or if talk myself into being okay with something. It's like my emotions are delayed until my mind goes through all the options. I sometimes wonder if THAT's normal? lol