If Only Things Worked Out Like They Do In Fairytales...

This boy named Ed..well I kinda like him. It's hard to figure out just WHY i like him so much sometimes I even doubt I do. But.. when i see that face his eyes..his boddyyy. ugh. I'm a boarder at a new school and I never thought I'd like the guys here. I'm mad at myself for letting him get the best of me. I wish I didn't like him... he flirts with ALL OF THE GIRLS. then he'll just go back to me and like lay on me like he didn't just do that to another girl. i swear to god. it drives me COMPLETTELY NUTTTS. part of me really knows I could get over him in a second. But another side of me tells me I wouldn't be able to stop. UGH. WHAT THE HELLL. and he likes me too. I know for a fact... but i just don't understand the way he flirts with EVERYONE. It makes me think if people here are really as mature as i thought they were. whatt a worlddd.

xo_blackbird_ox xo_blackbird_ox
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2006