Guy Friend

Hi, i have a guy friend and we got together ages ago and few months later we started hanging out a lot, and i moved to Englans then and every time i cane in one year we were excited to see each toher, we chatted aboit everything and so on like we were making fun. So we hugged and so on but we see it just friendly. And this summer we went on holiday together and he was really caring as in was it good, did i eat and so on. And we did everything tigether. And now we came back to our home country and we hanged out and i told him im staying and im not going back to england thia year and he got really excited that im staying. Few days later we meet up and both of us are in a bad mood for some reason but we still kinda leaned on each other and ao on, and then since then he didnt speak to me much. What could all of this mean? It makes me sad coa it makes me think as in he doesnt like me as a friends anymore or what?
maki111 maki111
22-25, F
Sep 30, 2013