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I am honestly not even sure if this deserves a story. But this guy I dated about 4 years ago. It was a 3 week thing, and he broke up with me without even telling me why. I remember getting his break up text message during band practice, and sitting there trying so hard not to start crying. Which a later did, and my band director found me. When I met this guy, he was a cute, and very funny guy. I knew at that moment he wasn't going to be just a guy passing through my life. I went an entire summer without seeing him, or being able to contact him because all I knew was his first name. When school started back I seen him again, he was dating a girl my age. She was in all my classes. Before I knew it, they broke up and he was asking me out. Weirdly enough his gf, and I became best friends and practically inseparable. After he broke up with me, he went back to her. And they had their own back and forth thing for 4 years, with me stuck in the middle as a mutual friend trying to solve their problems. They had this thing of not telling each other stuff, but telling me instead. After the 4 years she finally got tired of him, and is engaged to be married next month. Before I know it the guys contacting me saying all of his feelings toward the other girl is gone. That for the first time he's noticing how he's treated me. Me always being around for him when I needed something, and he never offered the same thing in return. That in all the time he's known me I've always been there, and now he's wanting me to go to his family stuff. For as long as I've known this guy he's never really said, "I love you," unless I done something funny. While we were on the phone he said he had to talk to me, but it would be best in person. As that definitely got me wondering, he told me it might change things depending on me. Every time we talk he will go into the conversation of dating me, and being able to actually see himself staying with me. But then he will go weeks or even months without talking to me again. So I don't know if I actually believe him. I mean I don't think you can love someone, and then overnight have a change of heart. He talked me into hanging out with him Friday, but I also feel as if he has some other stuff in mind. I've already told him that nothing weird is going to happen. Normally I have a better idea on someone, but I just have no clue on what he really wants. I'm not sure if he actually believes he loves me, or not. And honestly if he actually did I'd still be worried to put my trust into that when he's left me before to be with someone else.
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Find someone else, their are a lot of fish in the sea to waste your time on someone who uses you only when they need you. Stick up for your self and tell his to grow up because you did and you are moving on!