What Exactly Is Human Nature?

There are so many aspects of human nature and so many things that are contradictory.. for my personal belief... I believe that human nature as it is today... (now human nature is the average not the high or low end)... is to pro-create with the best possible gene pool one can achieve... It is up to each individual and their background to determine what they consider to be a good candidate... some for intelligence... some for physical appearance... etc... But you hear all over that it is in human nature to do this... or it is in human nature to do that... well... most likely it is... but ultimately it all comes down to pro-creation and the perpetuation of the species and strengthening of the gene pool.
Xeno Xeno
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1 Response Jul 29, 2007

Yes absolutely I agree with you as well. However in this respect the process of choosing someone to partner up with is still the same process that one would use through the procreation method... we are just able to rise above the primal urge and put on a jacket :P