I Am So Confused

Needing your help as I am very confused about the folllowing things:

Why it is when a man ask a woman to marry her that decision is never questioned but every decision thereafter is always quested......


a person who brings drugs to a doctor isn't called a drug dealer...........


if a man is born black, does that mean he was blackballed........


if a woman walk up and down the street  numerous times , does that make her a streetwalker........


Sorry but very confused about these and many other things



PoppaBear53 PoppaBear53
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7 Responses Mar 5, 2010

thanks for your comments

I like the first question, i think I would say "why" if a man asked me to marry him. Just because I would like to hear it, even if I already knew why!

just wanting to show how my mind works....thankful there are people out there that wonder about some of the same things

thanks, just some of my thoughts.........looking forward to your questions

My mind has funny questions like these too. Think I added a story all. Very good ones by the way.

i think of these things without alcohol ......you.think maybe having a few drinks would help?

I am feeling a bit confused myself, but then again, it could be the vodka tonics I have been drinking hehehe!!!! :-)