i;m confused about life in general

lalalalla lalalalla
4 Responses Mar 28, 2009

life is life.....

What is it that to be confused,we just have to find our own way in this life,we can't live another person's,be your self no matter whatit cost, don't let anyone change you,tell your self you are one of God's great creatations, and you are really proud to be so,fill your life with all the good things each day and reach out to others along your way to do good for them in some small way,smile at each person you meet, they too might feel confused,a smile will help them along that day.and make you happy too.

Life is very confusing and despite a million how to books, there can be no one set of guidelines personally tailored for you as an individual. I recommend getting to know yourself very well. Reach out for the answers but take only what feels right and leave the rest for someone else. This isn't "selfish" in a bad way, it's a way to become stronger and keep growing. Confusion isn't always a curse, it can be a quest for deeper knowledge.

Welcome to adult life :( It will do a lot of sucking, but the goods and beauty will far out weigh the suckness of it all. Still confused?? lol