My Girlfriend Is In The Closet

I met my girlfriend in june 2009, we hit it off and with in a month we were dating, within two months we were intamite.  I know when I met her she was not out to her family.  Out and proud myself for 13 years, I thought  " I can handle this, no problem" .  Oh was I wrong!  Well, the other things I learned, she has two children in grade school, she is catholic and from an old school latin family and still lives at home with her mom due to financial problems.   The passion we share is increadible. the time we get to spend together is very very limited.   she is a very protective mother, and it doesnt seem any time soon will she come out to her kids.

I just dont know what to do to help her. we dont have enough time to have meaningful conversations about this. does anyone know of any support groups for people like me? 

flamingokey flamingokey
46-50, F
Feb 10, 2010