I met this man once and it took a few days or so to learn of his short temper and my intuition told me that he was dangerous. I was warned to stay away from him by others and I was told of his past sport of chasing and hurting women. My better judgment didn't want to believe that this man was who they said he was. I didn't see the signs that they saw. He did try "forced teaming" on me a little by finding things in common with me. He was nice, but not too nice and I only saw him use charm once. He didn't talk alot so he didn't use alot of detail to try to convince himself of anything. He didn't typecast me so I had nothing to prove. He made no unsolicited promises but he did have a problem with taking no for an answer. He wanted things done his way or the high way. So besides some other odd and cruel behavior I thought he was just playing. The reality was--I was in denial! Then out of the blue he takes me down to one of my darkest hours. To this day I am still in shock about it. We all step out into the world in hopes of trusting others. That's the foundation for social interaction isn't it? I haven't forgot and I cannot forgive. I tried!! I function primarily on my intuition and I am dissapointed in myself a little for not using better judgment. I know now what I didn't know then--so I am safe. I am still confused how someone could be so cruel and validated like he was. I study human behavior everyday and I know that I will find my answers but it will never take the pain out of my heart that I will carry with me to the day I die for what he did. He won nothing because I am a fighter and I will continue to fight for my survival and safety until the day I die.
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It sounds as if you've made the right decision albeit a little late. If you still feel in any way threatened by this man in any way I would suggest a visit to your local police department to make them aware of your situation and inquire about the steps of obtaining a restraining order and or an order of protection. Take care and always trust those gut feelings. That is why you have those feelings in the first place... to protect you!