I don't know if I'm feeling what I think I'm feeling.
I look at him and I feel that familiar warmth in my heart and I think
no it cant be.

I can't really change things at the moment,
and I don't think I really want to.
yet there's other feelings that come in and confuse me.

I don't want to lose a fiend over this
Feelings are funny things
CMA1234 CMA1234
46-50, F
2 Responses Dec 12, 2011

I can understand this, I am also confused as to my 'true' feelings right now.....*sigh*...I wish you clarity and peace also :)

thank you I wish you clarity and peace also

feelings can be deceiving....I'm often confused about mine as well. I hope you're able to get it figured out sweetie....wishing you clarity and peace :)

Thank you kindly