Sometimes I think my bf only likes me for my body and what I'm willing to show him (on Skype)
We've both shown each other things and have had cam sex a bunch of times. I loved it, and he loved it too. But sometimes I think that's all he wants from me. I've asked him before if he likes me for me, the person I am or for the fact that I'm willing to show him things, and do things with him on there. He got VERY mad at me, saying that he liked me before he ever saw me, and that seeing my body is just an added bonus. I told him how I felt, that sometimes that's all he talks about, my boobs and how much he loves seeing them. Don't get me wrong, we've talked about other things, but when we have a fight or something, and we're just getting better again that's all he talks about. It's like he convinces himself to stay with me because I have what he likes on a woman. I'm probably being stupid, but whatever, it's how I feel right now. But god -_- He know's exactly what to say to turn me on, no matter how frustrated I may be with him.
SomeGenericUsername SomeGenericUsername
18-21, F
May 13, 2012