My Mind And Stress

i am a 53 yr old and almost all my life i have had to do caregiving. i was 14 yrs old when i dropped out of school i took care of my mom and my dad. my mom passaway in 2004. my father in 2009. in between my son lived with with us i only had 3 boys . my oldest had his first little girl . and her mother is a drug addict and year after year they had onther baby it was a boy, and than a girl, and and thsn s boy sll from the same girl . at leat i think they are all his. will cps got involed. the girl sighned over her parental rights.will i ended up raising these beautiful kids.Than my same son had another girl friend . and she tricked him in to having another baby . she told him she was on birth control and she was'nt. will she had onthe girl. she lives with her mother . than he meat other girl and they move in with us . she had two boys . and the girl after 3 yrs i got tiered of her lies and her attiude , and habbits she left our house moved in with her mom . they tryed getting back together several times it was getting worse the relation ship. so now she took the boys we did not see them for months . so one night they went out and asked me to watch the kids . so i said yes. will they ended up getting int o an arugment. since they are no court order papers for ho gets custody. since i was in the 2 boys care my son did not let the girl take the kids . sssssshe came with the cops and they did not let her take them cuz of the paper work so now i have all 6 kids and my son is helps me with them . so the girl filed charges on him for domestic violence . now he is going top court . i get some counsuling and suffer from aniety and depression. i am trying to cope with the obetacal that come my way . but at times i just feel overwhelm and streass. its hard to get a good night sleep . if i am luckyi will sleep 5 hrs anight . or less . is there any one going throught his like myself omg i feel so stress!!
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May 18, 2012