Feeling Blue

I have managed to remove a lot of people from my life but I wonder if I just did it because I am unhappy. A couple of months have went by since I last talked to my so called friend . I removed her out of my life and know I feel confused more then ever. We see each other from time to time she looks at me and I just turn my head in disgust it is hard for me because we were cool. I just can not be the same person with her I prayed about it but it is not the same. Everyone I know is like get over it but how can you when you see that person . A part of me wish I never started being friends with her in the first place but that is me thinking immature thoughts. I do not know what to do I would like to erase her from my brain but I miss our conversations I wonder does she miss me .
ramchick ramchick
26-30, F
May 25, 2012