Last month a close friend of mine introduced me to a girl in a club. I really like that girl she's beautiful. I like her eyes, her hair and her lips. After we met again 2 weeks ago we met in that club again. And I like how she gently poked my nose like a flirty one maybe. It really made my night. Until just this friday we met again at a coffee shop. I like how she slightly pushed me and laugh at the same time because I teased her. I think I really do like her, but I'm afraid she doesn't like me back because she might like another girl. I want to take her on a date in the right time when everything is already settled. But I'm afraid she would say "No" to me. Everytime I saw her it makes me feel something different. I want to take care of her, love her, treat her right, make her happy, give everything she wants and to be with her forever. I think I can tell her my feelings, but I'm scared that my family and my best friends won't understand
Tornadoo Tornadoo
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

The worst thing that could happen would be her saying "NO". It sounds like she likes you too or she wouldn't have been flirting with you! It is best just to ask her and to know how she feels than to spend your whole life regretting that you never asked her!