Feeling Vs. Whats Right

Im in a constant battle with my feeling and what I know is the right thing to do. I want to do what is right but my feelings are always in contradiction & when I do what my feeling want I feel guilty. I just don’t understand what I should do. One day im doing the correct think and there will always be temptation right next to me to screw everything up for me. I might say “today I am doing what is right” and there they are my feeling stirring up trouble. Then when I finally fall into my temptations I feel horrible and yucky. I just wish my feeling were the right thing.
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If there's a gap between your feelings and what you know is right, it's time for some serious introspection.


What feelings are you referring to ?

Sorry that was gobblygook.

Like any tool it is awkward at first.
With about such tools
You may want to get a mentor to converse

some of us have found that our feelings can dominate our patterns of behaviour.

several tools that were taught to me and I feel work ( for me are ):

* Calling someone up and talking about my feelings. Venting I think is what its called.

* Asking someone else for advice. That is don't always listen to the voice in your head.

* Identify the name of the feeling, and then ask..."what would a healthy person do when they feel that way".

Any questions ? Just ask.

Hey this is good. Thank you for the advice. So has it worked for you?

What is the right choice for one may not be the right choice for another. Are you listening to your own heart and soul or to what other people tell you is right and wrong? You must dance to your own rhythm, follow your own path, only you wear your shoes!

Thats righ i love that! Thank you