My ex and I officially broke up two months. In that short period of time, I discovered he not only started a relationship with someone new, but someone who seems absolutely perfect for him. Sure, I know you can't judge a relationship by its cover...but it seems like the real deal. While I want to be happy for him, I feel like it was too soon after we ended for me to do so. I'm dating, but also needed time for myself to heal. It makes me feel rejected and impacts my confidence and self-esteem because I feel he upgraded...for him. I know we are all entitled to our own happiness, but I'm finding it hard to accept this new situation. I wasn't happy in the relationship and I know deep down it wasn't for me. Maybe through dating me, he was able to find his own true love. Maybe it will be the same for me, too...just not as quick. The double blow of the breakup plus him getting a new, seemingly awesome gf so quickly makes me question myself and whether I'm worthy.
JELA3959 JELA3959
36-40, F
Aug 15, 2014