I want attention.
I break up with him.
2weeks later I miss him like crazy.
I text him, and he told me yea u were right we not meant to be.
Is all my bad, I use this all the time to get his attention.

And now he is taking it serious and leaving .
I am ******* sad that I would have turn back the clock!!!

And I am feeling **** now!!!!

I really want him to feel happier, that I'm no longer there to stress him to push him, to be like this and like that!!!!

But I just don't want to let it end!!!!

Feeling really bad now!!!!
KittySayHi KittySayHi
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

I have just left my wife she sounds a bit like you she used the threat of leaving me as the sword of damacles. She would not talk to me for months, push me to the last inch. Then we would be all loved up she was incredible in the bedroom my perfect sexual partner. But I have got to let it go. The only person that can make this work is you. Dealing with your insecurity by deep breaths and dep honesty with yourself. Do not be led by your emotions they are what you should use to increase the depth of what you feel but they should not govern your actions. I bet that you have an incredible sex life so stop focusing on it. That will not go away. Focus on the rest of your life with him where is the conflict? What does he really want from you outside of the bedroom. Try and focus on that not what you think he wants but what he actually wants. Ask him. Give it to him. I bet he is a really great guy and one worthy of a different approach. LOVE YOU LOVE EVERYBODY TAKE CARE.